My research

I am a first year PhD student in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park. I research civil conflict and political violence, focusing on groups seeking greater autonomy or independence from the state. I am interested in the drivers of tactical variation, including how third-party and external state intervention in the conflict changes groups' incentives to use violent or non-violent tactics.

I am currently working with Dr Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham to explore the Strategies of Resistance Data Project. Through this project, we hope to understand better how self-determination movements unfold over time, and the conditions under which self-determination organisations use conventional politics, violent tactics, non-violent tactics, or some combination of these.

I am also an expert peer reviewer of predictive models for the United Nations Centre for Humanitarian Data.

Originally from Australia, I am enjoying living in Washington, DC.


Harriet Goers

PhD student